You did it! You've been pronounced husband and wife, you've danced the night away and you have memories and photos that will last a lifetime. But then, those few minutes of newlywed bliss fade into the background as a pounding headache, nausea and exhaustion set in. This is the reality for all too many brides who end up suffering a hangover the morning after their wedding. The good news is, you don't have to be one of them. Yes, you can indulge a bit at your own wedding and still wake up for your first day as a Mrs. on cloud nine and feeling fine (and married!) by following these tips.

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Stay hydrated.

Try to sneak in sips of water throughout your day and make it a point to have a water bottle (or two) next to your bed for you to drink before bedtime. We totally understand not wanting to have to run to the bathroom in your wedding gown throughout the night, but staying hydrated is essential to wake up feeling fresh and ready to tackle the world as a wife.

Don't mix.

Mimosas while getting ready, champagne toasts, samples of your signature cocktails and a few beers at the after party can add up to quite headache and stomachache the next morning. While any form of alcohol consumed in larger quantities can result in feeling less than spunky upon waking, mixing a bunch of different potions is a sure fire way (for most) to stack the odds against you.


One of the biggest regrets many brides have is not eating enough at their own weddings — because after all, food and drink are the two most expensive aspects of most receptions! But beyond that, not eating = empty stomach, and empty stomach + alcohol = no good. Cocktail consumption without any food in your tummy allows the alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream at a much quicker rate, which can result in you feeling drunk on something a bit more than love, if you know what we mean. Eat throughout the day, and try to eat a bit before you head to bed as well to avoid an extra bad hangover.

Try to keep track.

Throughout the night you will be pulled in so many different directions; for photo ops, to the dance floor, meet and greets — it doesn't end! Chances are, you'll be putting your drink down (and losing it) tons of times throughout the night, and then refilling again. This is an easy way to loose track of just how much you've had, leading to unintended overindulgence. Try your best to keep track of your consumption throughout the night. It might not feel like you've had much at all, but those sips add up quite quickly!

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